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What is Midwifery Model Care?

The midwifery model of care regards parents as the experts on both their own bodies and their babies. As a midwife and lactation consultant, I work in partnership with my clients to make care decisions guided by the thoughtful integration of the best available evidence, coupled with my clinical expertise, and the client’s values and needs. I believe strongly that reducing parent's stress and empowering them to create successful care plans that will best serve their own unique family is the best way to support them in meeting their feeding goals. The midwifery model also routinely provides hour or longer appointments to ensure adequate time for connection, evaluation, decision making, and skill-building.

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About Lucina

I have been compassionately serving growing families as a home birth midwife since 2005, in both home and birth center settings. In order to better meet the needs of my midwifery clients, who often struggled with lactation and the challenges of the postpartum period, I decided to pursue certification as a lactation consultant (IBCLC). After the birth of my second child, I scaled down my on-call midwifery practice and began teaching courses for student midwives and lactation consultants at Birthingway College of Midwifery. In 2012, I was excited to take on the position of Director at the Birthingway Breastfeeding Center, where I both provided lactation care and supervised the care given by students. During this time, both my understanding of how much support parents really need and my ability to best serve a diverse range of parents grew significantly. I left that experience with a deep desire to provide the compassionate, skilled, affordable, and consistent care that parents require to feel successful and confident. In a culture that does not honor the postpartum as a significant and deeply important time in the lives of families, many parents find themselves overwhelmed and struggling to find their grounding and manage their new lives, let alone achieve their goals for feeding. I meet each family where they are at and work in partnership with them to create individualized care plans that will enable them to develop and sustain successful and satisfying feeding relationships that enable both parent and child to thrive. I am also committed to doing my best to be anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-agist, anti-ableist, anti-heteronomativity and anti-oppression in all its forms, while working towards equality, diversity, inclusion and body-positivity. 




Pregnancy or pre-adoption evaluation and counseling to ensure the best start to your lactation experience with each new baby.

Full Spectrum


From the first latch to weaning and all of the stages and challenges along the way, you deserve the support you need to feel confident, skilled, and able to make the best choices for your unique family.



Un-rushed home visits allow parents and babies to avoid the stress of travel and maintain the natural rhythm of feeding and sleeping without interruption. It also prevents exposure to the germs of a space shared by other clients.



In this uncertain time, you have the option of telehealth visits on your device of choice. You will receive the same focused and thorough care of an in-person visit without the risk of exposure. 




The Following are Base Fees

Sliding Scale Available Based on Need

Home Visits

Initial Visit $175 / Follow Up Visit $100

Telehealth Visits

Initial Visit $150 / Follow Up Visit $75

Check In Phone Calls

$20 per call

Individualized Packages

Discounts for families that need many visits.

Insurance Billing

After years of dealing with insurance, I found that I spent more time fighting with insurance companies than I did providing care. I also found that the care families needed was often limited by their insurance plan. Because of these two factors I choose not to bill insurance. I am willing to work with any family regardless of their economic status. We will devise a payment schedule that feels fair and doable for both parties. I will be generous with the skills and services that I offer and trust that the families I serve will also be generous in compensating me to the best of their ability.



I had a rocky postpartum course after a c-section at 37 weeks and NICU stay for our daughter, with lots of problems with breastfeeding after.  While I had gotten a lot of advice from various lactation consultants, it was conflicting and I didn’t see a clear plan going forward once I was home, with me  feeling increasingly lost and hopeless. Thankfully, my sister put me in touch with Lucina, who, right from the beginning, really listened to everything that had happened and ensured she knew what I wanted with breastfeeding my daughter. She had clear explanations of what she thought was happening, and a stepwise plan for how to address those things. Her explanations were the first that made sense to me, and I cannot tell you what a relief it was to feel truly heard and develop a plan with someone who clearly knew a lot about breastfeeding and babies. I continued to update her, and when bumps would happen along the way she would work with me to alter the plan, always keeping in mind what would work for us. Her patience, calm demeanor, and continual optimism and encouragement were key to helping me find my feet again after what felt like being lost at sea with my baby girl. I cannot recommend Lucina highly enough- she has an intuitive approach that is also based in experience and knowledge. I am so fortunate to have found her when I did. 

                                                                           -Stacy V. M.D./PhD

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